Magdalena's on the English

Photo of Magdalena White, my grandmother whom our busines is named afterABOUT US Magdalena's is named after my grandmother, Magdalena White (in photo). Our grandmother's always bring warmth to our hearts and Magdalena was no exception! She was a woman who repurposed all the time. She covered old wooden boxes with wonderful floral bark cloth, always padding the lid, which served as storage for anything from shoes, to the grandkids toys, to catalogs. I remember vividly how fun it was to sit on the well padded box and play Old Maid with my cousin. Magdalena took pride in her gardens, with vegetables laid out in perfect rows and the colorful perennial beds with narrow winding grass pathways where we grandkids loved to play. The orchard, in it's abundance of peach, apple, and cherry trees, was an avenue for an exceptional climbing adventure. Nothing tasted better than the fruit she canned from those trees and the vegetables from the garden...except for her famous sugar cookies, of which nothing can compare. So to honor my grandmother for all the preserving, repurposing, gardening, and love of life she instilled in me, it was only fitting that I name our antique shop in her honor for sharing these ways with me.

Today, Darwin, a.k.a. Dink, and I (Donna) have lived on Eagle Hill for 40 years, just above the English River. We've loved collecting antiques throughout this time and when the old barn unfortunately had to be torn down, my dream of a little antique shop to sell our finds was born. The beloved big white barn held fond memories of raising sheep and a few 4-H calf projects. So, as Magdalena's on the English is now built where the old barn once stood, we've paid a bit of homage that you'll notice within the shop...the barn boards were repurposed as wainscoting - here's to grand ole barns! And here's to Magdalena!


Address for Magdalena's on the English Kalona IA Antiques Magdalena's on the English Kalona, IA 52247